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The Kimberley coast: nine iconic places

Posted on 16 August 2012   |  
The Kimberley coast: nine iconic places.
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Nine special areas along the Kimberley coast were identified by the report, including the spectacular Buccaneer Archipelago, home to more than 900 islands dating back two billion years.

The nine iconic areas identified in the study include:

1) Eighty Mile Beach - destination to more than 450,000 migrating birds;
2) Roebuck Bay – an enormous seascape rich in wildlife with high numbers of snubfin dolphins and hundreds of thousands of migratory birds
3) Dampier Peninsula, which includes James Price Point, with its crucial feeding and breeding areas for fish stocks and rare turtles;
4) King Sound and Fitzroy River – the largest free-flowing river in Western Australia;
5) Camden Sound and Montgomery Reef – home to the largest humpback whale nursery in the Southern Hemisphere;
6) Buccaneer Archipelago – a world-class marine environment covering more than 900 islands with an abundance of marine life;
7) Talbot Bay and Collier region – home to the Horizontal Falls, a natural wonder of the world;
8) North Kimberley – a spectacular, remote marine environment with fringing reefs and hundreds of islands; and
9) Oceanic shoals – Rowley Shoals and Scott Reef, globally-important reef systems, supporting a huge diversity of fish and other marine life.

The Kimberley coast: nine iconic places.
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