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Landscape of lightning at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near Kyle, South Dakota © Day\

Landscape of lightning at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near Kyle, South Dakota © Day's Edge / WWF-US

AEMO interim report confirms storms triggered SA blackouts

05 Oct 2016

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A preliminary report issued by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) this morning confirms that a massive transmission failure caused by catastrophic storms were the primary reason for the recent power failures in South Australia.

WWF-Australia says the event acts as a wake-up call for Australia to cut carbon pollution which is fuelling global warming and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events.

The report says “The weather resulted in multiple transmission system faults. In the short time between 16:16 and 16:18, system faults included the loss of three major 275 kV transmission lines north of Adelaide.”
“The AEMO’s preliminary report highlights the vulnerability of Australia’s electricity market to extreme weather,” said Adrian Enright, Carbon Finance Manager at WWF-Australia.
“These sorts of events are likely to become more frequent unless Australia takes stronger action to cut carbon pollution alongside other developed nations," Mr Enright said.
“This must include taking advantage of the opportunity to develop clean, renewable energy instead of relying on high polluting coal-generation which is fuelling global warming.
“Let’s take this opportunity to join the global boom in renewables and battery storage technologies and move Australia’s energy system forward rather than standing still.
“Friday’s energy Ministers' meeting is the perfect opportunity for our leaders to discuss plans to develop a modern, clean renewable energy system”, said Mr Enright.
WWF-Australia looks forward to the final analysis from the AEMO.

WWF-Australia Media Contact: Daniel Rockett, Senior Manager, News and Public Affairs, 0432 206 592,

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