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Heliostats solar thermal tower in Andalucia, Spain © Global Warming Images / WWF

Heliostats solar thermal tower in Andalucia, Spain © Global Warming Images / WWF

1 billion reasons to keep ARENA

08 Sep 2016

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  • renewable energy
WWF-Australia said the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s announcement today on big solar projects amounted to one billion reasons for the Federal Government to keep the organisation’s full grant funding.

“ARENA’s contribution of $92 million for new large-scale solar PV plants is expected to leverage $1 billion in investment,” said WWF-Australia spokesperson Kellie Caught.

“That equals one billion reasons to keep ARENA, just from one initiative.

“Most people would jump at that sort of return on investment. Yet the Federal Government is looking to completely defund an agency that is kicking goals.

“It’s not just the ten-fold return. The projects announced today will generate thousands of jobs – primarily in the regions where people are hungry for new work opportunities. 

“WWF again urges the government to reconsider.

“ARENA plays a critically important role in building new technologies, reducing the cost of renewable energy, increasing renewable energy supply and diversity in Australia, improving grid stability and reliability, building industry skills, developing export capabilities and creating thousands of jobs,” she said.

Ms Caught also pointed to another important reason to retain ARENA.

“In Paris, Australia agreed to double clean energy research and development by 2020.

“Without ARENA it’s unclear how Australia will meet this promise because the newly developed Clean Energy Innovation Fund (CEIF) does not support research and development,” she said.

WWF-Australia Media Contact: Mark Symons, Senior Media Officer, 0400 985 571,

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