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Christmas presents that don\

Christmas presents that don't cost the Earth CC0 Pexels

Pressies with a conscience

04 Dec 2017

  • Christmas

With the holiday season almost upon us it’s time to whip yourself into a frenzy and start stressing out about what you’re going to give your friends and family for Christmas this year, right?


Wrong. After scouring the web for you, we’ve come up with a list of noteworthy gifts that help wildlife, are good for the environment, and make you feel better.


1. Adopt a koala. Across Australia koalas are losing their homes and their lives. In southeast Queensland, more than 80% of koalas have been lost to tree-clearing. By adopting a koala you’ll help plant new koala habitats and care for sick and injured koalas, as well as urging governments to stop excessive tree-clearing. An adoption kit includes a cuddly koala toy, koala fact book, adoption certificate, tote bag, a copy of Living Planet magazine and a WWF sticker. There are more endangered animals to adopt, too.


2. For the Attenboroughs at heart. For cute wildlife themed stocking stuffers, WWF-Australia has partnered with Axis toys to offer a whole range of environmentally friendly products. Their range includes 100 and 1,000 piece puzzles, trading cards and games for kids and adults with a passion for wildlife. Available online hereIf you use the code WWFTOYS at the checkout, 10% of your purchase will be donated to help save wildlife.


3. Shower timer, $19.95, from Going Green Solutions. These energy-saving, eco-friendly shower timers have an audio alarm that lets you know it’s time to save water. Perfect for that family member who spends way too long in the bathroom. 


4. Organic thongs, $24.95, from Malc & Andi. These organic thongs are made from all natural ingredients and are biodegradable. Available in kids and adult sizes, 5% of the sale price of every pair you buy goes to an animal charity. 


5. Upcycled wallet, $45, from Ethical Gifts Online. Know someone who loves a bush walk? Give them this strong, stylish wallet that’s water resistant and lined with strong natural fabrics.


6. Solar LED lamp and phone charger, $59.95 from Amazon. For that someone who has everything, give them a solar USB equipped table lamp! After three hours in the sun, it’s ready to light up your life with three levels of intensity.


7. Saltwater powered monster car, $27.95, from Mad About Science. This toy car is the perfect gift to teach kids about the environment. All you need to get it going is some salty water!


8. Wildcards from WWF-Australia. Now you can send a loved one a surprise gift that could change the world. WWF Wildcards e-gifts let you celebrate your love of nature.


9. Help save the Javan rhino. With just 67 left in the whole world, Javan rhinos are doing it tough. WWF-Australia is currently raising funds to help eradicate a harmful species of palm that’s strangling the rhino’s food supply and leaving them starving. By making a donation on someone’s behalf, you can give the ultimate gift that secures a safe future for the species.


10. Ipsa Designs. For a sustainable and recycled gift from close to home, this Western Australian based online shop takes offcuts from local timber and turns it into simple stunning jewellery designs. They’ve got a wide range of pendants, earrings and cufflinks, all natural and all recycled. The designer and artist also used to work here at WWF-Australia!


11. Choose Recycled: Shop ethical with a repurposed gift from Oxfam Australia. They have a whole range of ethical stocking stuffers, many repurposed and recycled from other everyday objects, minimising waste and helping communities around the world.

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