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In photos:

In photos: A year in the wild

02 Jan 2018


  • antarctica
  • birds
  • coral sea
  • koalas
  • penguins
  • whales
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  • hawksbill turtles
  • numbat

There were so many animal images this year that were special to us. Some photographs inspired us to take action, others just made us feel good, and a few had the power to really move us.


Here are our top picks for each month of the year. Which one is your favourite?



Gentoo penguin jumping out of the sea, Cuverville Island, Antarctica © / Ben Cranke / WWF

We can’t get enough of this joyful gentoo penguin splashing around in the shallows. It never fails to brighten up our day!


Juvenile comb-crested jacana, Yellow Waters Lagoon, Northern Territory © Georgina Steytler / WWF-Aus

Featured in our first photo gallery of the year, this captivating comb-crested jacana chick was one of our favourite feathered friends!


Polar bear and cub sleeping near Wapusk National Park, Canada © Julia Martin

Isn’t this photo just unbearably adorable? We shared it for Mother’s Day and many of you tagged your own mums!


Antarctic minke whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) swimming through lose brash ice in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctica © Ari Friedlaender

This gentle giant was photographed from above by the wonderful whale ecologist Dr Ari Friedlaender. His photographs leave us in awe of Antarctica!


Koala joey (Phascolarctos cinereus) and mom eating Eucalyptus leaf © Shutterstock / dangdumrong / WWF

Koalas have been at the centre of our conservation work this year, and this image reminds us how much we love this adorable Aussie animal.


Lionesses walking along a track with their cubs, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya © / Anup Shah / WWF

This feline family field trip makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.


A Bengal tiger photographed by hidden sensor camera in wildlife Corridor Eight, Central Bhutan © Emmanuel Rondeau / WWF-UK

This incredible image has an even more sensational story behind it. Photojournalist Emmanuel Rondeau spent four weeks attempting to capture the first high-resolution sensor camera image of a wild tiger in Bhutan, at an altitude above 11,000 feet. He not only managed to photograph this rare and reclusive species, but the pictures are phenomenal!


Hawksbill turtle swimming underwater, Madagascar © / Inaki Relanzon / WWF

We all have a soft spot for sea turtles, but this photo certainly made a splash!


A variety of fish swimming, Osprey Reef, Coral Sea © Darren Jew

Darren Jew, one of our favourite Australian photographers, captures the colourful Coral Sea, and reminds us of just how unique this underwater world really is.


Pair of shy albatross with their new artificial nest, Albatross Island, June 2017 © Matthew Newton / WWF-Aus

This was one of the first images we received during our ambitious albatross nest project. It illustrates an intimate moment between a faithful pair of birds, but also shows that they have accepted the new nest!


Numbat with its tongue out, Dryandra woodlands, Western Australia © John Lawson / WWF-Aus

Talented photographer John Lawson captured this cheeky critter. We love the timing that shows off its terrifically long tongue!


Goanna in a field of flowers, Western Australia © Richard Woldendorp

Never gets old. This classic photo of a goanna frolicking among the flowers is one of our all time favourites (it was even featured in our advent Calendar).

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Orphan koala joey, southeast Queensland © WWF-Aus / Patrick Hamilton


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