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The Greenhouse Sessions

Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form. - Jean Luc Godard


Following on from a successful 2017 season, The Greenhouse Sessions are a monthly gathering of influential business leaders, passionate change- makers, experts and people curious to understand how we can leverage emerging technology to save the planet. The events are a collaboration between WWF-Australia and the City of Sydney.


But this is so much more than just another tech meet up.


Using the power of story, immersive experiences, content capture and collaboration, the Greenhouse Sessions promise to educate, inspire and create a framework for collaboration - leaving the audience with the power to author a different future.

Event themes

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The next evolution of thought leadership events

There are plenty of meet-ups around Sydney, but what if an event series moved further than the usual talk fest? What if an immersive event series inspired and enabled you to act?


Our vision is to:


  1. Engage and connect
  2. Educate and inspire
  3. To build an influential community of practice around emerging technologies

More information coming soon