Women on a solar workshop, Rajasthan, India © Global Warming Images / WWF

Women on a solar workshop, Rajasthan, India © Global Warming Images / WWF

Panda Labs

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What is Panda Labs?
Panda Labs is WWF Australia’s innovation program - accelerating innovation in conservation. Panda Labs is exploring how emerging technology, partnerships, products and new ways of working can be used to achieve WWF’s ambitious conservation goals.

Why do we need it?
We are living through a period of rapid change. We’re faced with global megatrends like climate instability and resource scarcity, rapid urbanisation and economic inequality. But we’re also witnessing exciting trends in emerging technology, which are redefining how we live, work and play. Together, they present huge opportunities, but also the imperative for WWF to experiment with new approaches to how we solve problems.

Australia - an innovation hotspot
Here in Australia we face our own set of unique circumstances and opportunities. Whether it’s our potential to be a global renewable energy powerhouse, or leaders in ocean innovation, our world-leading Ag-Tech (Agriculture Technology) sector, our burgeoning virtual reality industry or leading thinkers in artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart cities - WWF has a key role to play in creating a platform for collaboration, accelerating the transformation - and channeling this innovation towards positive social and environmental impact. 


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How does Panda Labs work?

Panda Labs will focus on;
a) Accelerating new and innovative technological and service-based solutions to some of the big environmental challenges we face.
b) Creating a platform for collaboration - whether that’s through face to face events, hackathons, trainings, or panel talks.
c) Experimenting and testing new products and services, adopting a design thinking process.

What we’re doing:



Upcoming events in 2017


The GreenHouse. In partnership with GreenUps and Energy Lab.

  • 30 May - Planet Saving Technology – What are the global megatrends and what are the biggest opportunities for planet-saving disruption? [Register here]

  • 27 June - How Smart Cities will change the way we organise our lives and bring about the third industrial revolution

  • 25 July - How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be harnessed for social and environmental impact

  • 29 August - How Blockchain will bring power to the people and revolutionise consumption and production

  • 26 September - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • 31 October - How Electric/Autonomous Vehicles will revolutionise mobility and change the way our cities are organised

Get Involved / Partner with us
Collaboration is key to innovation. And WWF can’t solve these problems on our own. If you’re interested in working with us and solving these problems, or if, like us, you enjoy geeking-out on some new and emerging technology or want to co-design a new product with us - we want to hear from you. Send us an email at pandalabs@wwf.org.au


Solar panel texture close up © Shutterstock / OliverSved / WWF

© Shutterstock / OliverSved / WWF

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