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Women on a solar workshop, Rajasthan, India © Global Warming Images / WWF

Women on a solar workshop, Rajasthan, India © Global Warming Images / WWF

Panda Labs

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What is Panda Labs?
We are living through a period of rapid change - from global mega trends like climate change, rapid urbanisation to economic inequality. But we are also witnessing exciting trends in emerging technology, which are redefining how we live, work and play. Together, they present huge opportunities, but also the imperative for WWF to experiment with new approaches to how we solve problems.


Panda Labs is WWF Australia’s innovation program - accelerating innovation in conservation. We work with partners to explore how emerging technology, partnerships, products and new ways of working can be used to achieve WWF’s ambitious conservation goals.

Australia - an innovation hotspot
Here in Australia we face our own set of unique circumstances and opportunities. Whether it’s our potential to be a global renewable energy powerhouse, or leaders in ocean innovation, our world-leading Ag-Tech (Agriculture Technology) sector, our burgeoning virtual reality industry or leading thinkers in artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart cities - WWF has a key role to play in creating a platform for collaboration, accelerating the transformation - and channeling this innovation towards positive social and environmental impact. 


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How does Panda Labs work?

Panda Labs will focus on:
a) Accelerating new and innovative technological and service-based solutions to some of the big environmental challenges we face.
b) Creating a platform for collaboration - whether that’s through face to face events, hackathons, trainings, or panel talks.
c) Experimenting and testing new products and services, adopting a design thinking process.


In pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals

The lines are blurring between for non-profit and for-profit and new methods for solving the big social and environmental problems are being developed through new and innovative partnerships.

With our partners, Panda Labs is exploring how emerging technology can be channeled to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Smart Cities / Communities and the Internet of Things 
  • AI and Machine Learning 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality 
  • Electric and Autonomous vehicles and smart transport
  • Blockchain for social and environmental impact 


Who we work with: 

We’re currently partnering with universities, business, research and development organisations, startups and entrepreneurs and community organisations. If you'd like to partner with us, get in touch at  


What we’re doing:


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