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Reducing energy

Energy-saving bulb replacing the old one, Brussels, Belgium. rel=
Energy-saving bulb replacing the old one, Brussels, Belgium.
© Bruno Arnold / WWF
Our high rate of household energy consumption and waste-production is contributing to the destruction of the planet.. The average Australian household produces around 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. That's like the combined weight of nearly 100 first-grade footballers!

With small changes to the way we use energy, we can make a big difference.

How to reduce your energy consumption

The smallest steps can make a big difference to Australia’s energy consumption. The following tips outline practical ways that you can reduce resource usage and help our living planet.

Easy to manage first steps towards energy efficiency

1. Switch off unused lights. Lighting an average home produces about three quarters of a tonne of greenhouse gases. That's the same amount of energy six footballers use in a year.

2. Switch off appliances on standby. Appliances on standby can account for 10% of your electricity. If you switch off just one appliance at the wall you could save 45 kilograms of greenhouse gas. Count them … how many are on standby in your home or office right now?

Ways to make a bigger impact on your energy usage

1. Reduce your heating and cooling energy use
  • Keep windows shaded with awnings or blinds
  • Draught-proof your home. Sealing gaps and cracks can save up to 15% of your heating and cooling bill
  • Set your heating/ cooling thermostat 1 degree warmer in summer and 1 degree cooler in winter. A tweak of your thermostat can save up to 10% on your energy bill. It’s most efficient if you keep the temperature set between 25 and 27 degrees.
2. Switch to GreenPower. By switching to Accredited GreenPower you could cut your carbon footprint by about 70% (excluding transport). It’s easy to do. Just contact your energy provider, who is hopefully an accredited Greenpower provider, and they will do all that’s required.

A ranking of electricity providers by Green Electricity Watch provides a simple guide to all the Green Power products and which ones make a real difference in reducing global warming.

About GreenPower

Not only do coal-fired power stations in Australia produce more than 170 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, they also use vast amounts of water in their generation of electricity.

GreenPower is government accredited clean, renewable electricity. Accredited GreenPower guarantees that you support investments in new renewable energy capacity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to accredited GreenPower you are not only helping the environment, you are supporting the growth of the renewable energy market in Australia.

Look for the GreenPower ‘tick of approval’ when choosing your supplier or check out our list of accredited GreenPower providers and make the switch to clean energy today.

What you can do

4 actions you can take today to reduce your carbon footprint

1. Install solar panels
Eliminate household emissions from electricity

2. Use energy-efficient whitegoods
Up to 50% reduction in household emissions from electricity
Before you purchase your next appliance, be sure to check out the energy efficiency rating which provides more detailed information about appliances' energy efficiency.

3. Use a triple-A rated shower-head
Up to 12% reduction in household emissions
The Water Services Association of Australia has a searchable list of AAA rated showerheads.

4. Use energy-efficient light globes
Up to 10% reduction in household emissions
The Australian Greenhouse Office has more information on energy-efficient lighting.