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Giant panda, Wolong National Nature Reserve , Qionglai mountains, Sichuan, China. 
	© / Lynn M. Stone / WWF

Using your Will to change the world forever

Forever People are the men and women who have determined that one of the lasting legacies of their lives will be to help preserve and sustain an Earth where all life can flourish.

One of the most significant ways to leave a lasting legacy to the values and priorities that you have championed throughout your life is to leave a donation in your Will to WWF-Australia.

Large or small, when you make a donation in your Will, you are providing our wildlife a voice for the future. You are giving WWF the power to always be there, speaking up for nature and ensuring its security, now and for generations to come.

The power of your Bequest

For over 50 years, the donations people have left to WWF in their Wills have awakened the environmental conscience of the world, and changed the way the Earth – its outstanding places and most treasured wildlife – is cared for.

© / Fiona Rogers / WWF-Canon

Your Bequest could protect the Heart of Borneo, the only place on Earth where orang-utans, pygmy elephants, rhinos and clouded leopards share the forest.

Your Bequest could support the ambitious global plan to double wild tiger numbers by 2022, reversing the tiger’s decline to extinction.
Your Bequest could empower WWF’s commitment to a national system of marine parks to give Australia’s ocean wildlife unparalleled protection from harm.

Your Bequest could recover endangered wildlife in the southwest corner of Australia, home to thousands of species of flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.

How to begin

It’s a simple process to leave a donation in your Will to your favourite charities after your loved ones have been provided for. Our booklet about leaving a donation in your Will can help you, you can download it here.

If you would like us to post you a copy of our booklet please contact Christine Robinson or Leigh Wigley in our Philanthropy Team. You can reach Christine on 02 8228 6822 or Leigh on 02 8228 6846 or email

Free Will making service
WWF is a member of Charity Wills, an online legal Will making service which is free of charge for those wishing to include WWF in their Will. Visit WWF’s Member Charity page at Charity Wills.

Charity Wills can also help you find a solicitor if you need one.

Already left a donation in your Will?
It would be really helpful if you could contact us to share you intentions. It allows us to keep our records up to date, and to thank you for remembering WWF in your Will.

Talk to us

Our Philanthropy Team: Christine Robinson or Leigh Wigley  
	© Laurent Desarnaud / WWF-Aus
If you would like to know more about leaving a donation in your Will, please contact Christine, Connie, or Leigh in our Philanthropy Team.

You can reach them directly on 02 8228 6822 or free call 1800 032 551 or email

From our Bequestors

As the father of two young children, the protection of our natural world is more important to me than ever before. Through my Bequest to WWF I can give my children the greatest gift of all – the hope of clean air, fresh water and a healthy planet.

Nick Heath

The older you get, the more you seem to care for what you have neglected for so many years, and see conservation in a different light.
… without nature we have no future.

Frank Peel & Jenny Savron

We have long held a deep love and concern for the preservation of endangered species. Leaving a Bequest is the best way that we can give something back to the world that has given us so much pleasure and so many wonderful experiences.

Ron & Robyn Bressington