Orangutan family, Borneo. Photo courtesy Intrepid Travel.

Win a trip to explore wild Borneo


Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Winner: Christine Thompson


Runners-up: Louis Fischberger, Krista Mavrantonis, Roisin Sheedy, Vicki Hemmings, Keely McCarthy, Mohamed Hares, Laraine Webber, Anna Wall, Corinne Dickinson and Rita Manna.

Your chance to win an unforgettable wildlife adventure in Borneo

Have you ever wanted to discover the wild side of one of Earth’s oldest rainforests? Borneo is one of the most diverse ecosystems on our planet and home to the ‘gardeners of the forest’ – the orangutan.


If you’d love to be immersed under a canopy of majestic trees, listening to the calming soundscape of tropical nature and getting up close to stunning wildlife, then this is your chance.


In partnership with Kleenex and Intrepid Travel, we’re giving a lucky winner the chance to travel to Borneo and discover the amazing nature of the tropical rainforest. Experience a fully-guided tour packed with a range of exhilarating activities as you travel through the diverse landscapes of Borneo.


Home on the water, Borneo, Sabah. Photo courtesy Intrepid Travel.


The prize included:

International flights for two people to Kota Kinabalu

A 12-day Sabah Adventure Expedition in Borneo packed with a range of activities, including a visit to the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where you can meet these beautiful animals.


10 runners-up will also win a WWF orangutan adoption pack that includes an adoption certificate, cuddly orangutan toy, orangutan factbook, reusable tote bag and more.


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Permit Numbers: ACT TP 17/01385, LTPS/17/1601, T17/1315

WWF’s Work with Orangutans

Orangutans are the ultimate forest gardeners, spreading seeds to help maintain the forest ecosystem. Unfortunately, the loss and degradation of their home due to deforestation has put them in danger. That’s why WWF-Australia has been working with local communities, business and government partners to help protect, restore and sustainably manage these sensitive forest ecosystems, to ensure these great apes have safe havens where they can live, feed and breed. Read more…



About our partners


The Kleenex brand and its parent company Kimberly-Clark are commitmented to a better future, Kimberly-Clark works with WWF to ensure it sources its fibre used to make tissue and towel products from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable suppliers. Together, we are raising consumer awareness of the FSC label through the “Love Your Forests” campaign. Read more...


Intrepid Travel is committed to protecting the environment and designing trips that minimise pressures on the critical habitats and species in the destinations they visit. They’re supporting WWF to help local communities develop new sustainable tours and diversify their eco-tourism businesses. Read more...


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Orangutan baby (Pongo pygmaeus), Semengoh Nature reserve, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia © naturepl.com / Edwin Giesbers / WWF


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