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Head portrait of Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) © / Edwin Giesbers / WWF


You have the power to save the lives of endangered animals- whilst boosting your followers and viewers. Koalas, tigers and orangutans face threats on all sides, but your stream will help save them.

If you’re a gamer or streamer – the world needs you to press play on a mission to defend the world’s animals. To get started, register now to unlock your toolkit and earn your first reward.


Your toolkit will help you rank #1 in saving the world - while boosting your followers and viewers! Every action you take to save your chosen animal earns you Panda Points. You can use your points to redeem limited edition prizes.


Panda Points

These are your exclusive ways to unlock unique loot. You’ll earn one Panda Point for every dollar you raise in your WWF Stream. Plus you can earn up to 25 bonus points:

  • 5 Panda Points for signing up.
  • 10 Panda Points when you share this page on social media using the hashtag #wwfstream.
  • 10 Panda Points for creating your Tiltify campaign.

Sign up now to unlock your first bonus points!

Check out some of our amazing streamers' results below:


Check out what you can win:


WWF Wild-livestream prizes

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Top streamers

  • ClassyKatie

  • Lionwithaneyepatch

  • kayPOWXD



Full leaderboard

Name Total points
ClassyKatie 785.48
lionwithaneyepatch 575
KayPOWXD 365
Xailran 302.50
josetroni10 35
Jojodstep 33
Pratorean2012 25
LPUltimate 5
cohlrabi 5
dazprodigy 5
Fauxre 5

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