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Save snow leopards now



There may be as few as 4,000 snow leopards left. At least four of these cats are killed every week.

Four years ago, leaders from all 12 countries where snow leopards roam pledged to secure at least 20 landscapes for these endangered cats to thrive in by 2020. So far, they’ve said all the right things and they’ve taken promising first steps.


But we’re still losing snow leopards at an alarming rate.


So we asked you to let these leaders know that urgent action must be taken to secure the snow leopard's future before it's too late.


Collectively, we've reached our international target of 150,000 signatures! Not only that, but we got some big names involved in sharing the urgency of this situation including Leonardo DiCaprio, Dia Mirza and Megan Fox.


Our collective voices will have an important impact when the leaders of the snow leopard ranges meet on the 24th and 25th of August for the International Snow Leopard Summit in Kyrgyzstan. We will ensure that they commit to real progress in research-based conservation and that designated landscapes for snow leopards are secured.


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Thank you for signing the petition and taking action to #SaveSnowLeopards!


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Thank you for helping save snow leopards.

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“I urge you [the leaders of the twelve snow leopard range countries and international institutions] to take immediate action to protect the snow leopard when you meet this August for the Global Snow Leopard Summit in Bishkek.


In 2013, you all came together for the first time and agreed on an ambitious plan to secure 20 landscapes for snow leopards by 2020. You’ve already followed up and identified these landscapes, and have continued to bring up snow leopard conservation in policy discussions. I applaud you for taking these important first steps.


Now it’s time to make real progress!


We don’t currently know for certain how many wild snow leopards there really are, but we do know that on average one snow leopard is killed every day somewhere in the cat’s range by poachers, some by desperate local communities who are trying to protect their livestock. We also know that a significant part of the cat’s habitat is at risk from unsustainable, poorly planned development.


We can’t lose another minute! We have to put the plan into action, and secure these landscapes for the snow leopard’s future!


I respectfully ask you to:


• Ensure that the snow leopard landscapes you’ve already identified as safe havens for the cats are properly secured and protected through long-term management plans implemented by all sectors of government and other stakeholders.


• Create and implement a joint strategy with all range countries to combat poaching and illegal trade of snow leopards and other wildlife


• Safeguard the future of the snow leopard by supporting a range-wide, scientifically sound assessment of their remaining population to inform future conservation management


• Commit to ensuring that all infrastructure development in mountain ecosystems is sustainable and does not threaten snow leopards or their sensitive habitats


• Develop a pipeline of investable projects that will promote sustainable development in snow leopard landscapes, helping decrease rural poverty while respecting the needs of wildlife.


Yours sincerely,


[ Your name will appear here ]


© Sian Breen / WWF-Aus

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