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King penguin, Antarctica © Wim van Passel / WWF

King penguin, Antarctica © Wim van Passel / WWF

Experience WWF's Antarctic Journey

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Antarctic magic.

Antarctica is famous for its brilliant white ice, brooding seas and unique wildlife. But not everyone has the chance to wonder at its breathtaking beauty up close – until now.

WWF-Australia has partnered with Phillip Island Nature Parks to create Antarctic Journey, a jaw-dropping exhibition that gives visitors the chance to experience one of the world’s last untouched wildernesses from the comfort of Phillip Island. 

A massive bank of digital high-definition screens transports you to the Antarctic Chill Zone, where amazing footage introduces you to whales, penguins, albatrosses and seals. You can compare a penguin’s thermal image with your own or stand on a virtual reality ice floe and stroke a seal.

As well as learning more about the issues facing Antarctica, we hope the journey will explain why WWF is so dedicated to building a network of marine protected areas and ensuring sustainable fishing in the shadow of climate change.

Brilliant. It was just beautiful. You feel that the animals are real and can’t even imagine how they made the augmented reality screen. Everybody should see it! It takes you out of yourself and highlights the importance of maintaining the Antarctic wilderness.



 A proportion from each Antarctic Journey ticket sale will go towards WWF-Australia’s conservation work including vital Antarctic whale research.


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