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John West

WWF-Australia and John West – working together to safeguard our oceans

WWF began partnering with John West in February 2012. Through the partnership, and together with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), John West have now made changes to their supply chain to ensure that over 95% of their canned tuna is MSC certified. WWF considers MSC to be the world's best standard for sustainable wild-caught seafood.

This partnership is part of WWF’s Market Transformation Initiative. WWF-Australia is working with leading Australian seafood businesses to help them transition to sustainably sourced products.

About John West
John West is the largest branded seafood supplier in Australia and New Zealand. The partnership with WWF is one element of John West’s sustainability policy called Our Oceans Forever

What we’re doing together
WWF is working with John West to improve the sustainability of its seafood supply chain in Australia and New Zealand. This involves reviewing John West’s entire sourcing process from the ocean to the supermarket shelf.

Working together also provides a platform to educate consumers about their seafood choices including MSC and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified products.

WWF’s role
WWF provides John West with expert advice and helps to review their seafood sourcing across all products sold in Australia and New Zealand.  

In this advisory role, WWF provides input into developing and implementing John West’s sustainable seafood strategy and creating the action plans to transition John West’s range to being responsibly sourced.

What we’ve achieved together
In February 2016, John West announced that over 95% of their canned tuna is certified by the MSC and clearly labelled as sustainably sourced.

This achievement is the culmination of four year's work between WWF, MSC and John West to help transform tuna sourcing in Australia. As the largest branded seafood supplier in Australia, John West’s commitment to sustainably sourcing tuna has helped to transform the tuna supply industry in the region.

Other achievements include:
•    John West became a signatory to the WWF Global Sustainable Seafood Charter
•    WWF has assessed just under 50 John West products during the partnership. Action plans for all high risk species are now in place.
•    The sourcing of John West’s canned and chilled seafood range has been reviewed and environmental issues identified.
•    A seafood traceability system has been created to track products back to the place where they were fished.
•    Continued dedication to MSC sourcing and labelling.
•    John West continues to invest in several WWF conservation projects to help ensure we have healthy oceans.

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John West's achievement

Can of John West certified tuna. 
	© John West
February 2016: John West announce that over 95% of their canned tuna is MSC certified sustainably sourced.

Conservation Program

As part of a three-year partnership with WWF-Australia to improve the sustainability of seafood supply chains, John West is supporting several conservation projects. These include projects in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Maldives, all of them focussing on improving the environmental performance of fisheries.

Learn more about John West Conservation projects:

Improving livelihoods of coastal fishing communities in Solomon Islands and PNG

Maldives Indian Ocean skipjack management strategy evaluation