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Turtle Rescue Mission

Charlie Stevens (WWF-Australia) catching green turtle at Edgecombe Bay, May2011 (near Bowen where ... rel=
Charlie Stevens (WWF-Australia) catching green turtle at Edgecombe Bay, May2011 (near Bowen where WWF, James Cook University and traditional owners are researching an outbreak of the fibropapilloma virus.)
© Jürgen Freund / WWF-Aus
With the help of Factorie, WWF-Australia aims to increase the awareness of the threats faced by turtles in the Great Barrier Reef and help to raise funds for WWF’s conservation work to save these turtles.

When purchasing WWF clothing and accessories from Factorie stores around Australia, 20% of net proceeds go to the Turtle Rescue Mission.
Thanks to Factorie customers’ support, WWF was able to purchase a research boat to assist Traditional Owner rangers in tagging and tracking turtles in the Great Barrier Reef.
WWF aims to significantly reduce the threats to marine turtles through the Turtle Rescue Mission conservation project.

Funds raised will go towards a Traditional Owner ranger program to train groups in the principles of turtle research, tagging and monitoring.
  • Traditional Owner ranger patrols to tackle illegal hunting
  • Purchasing and developing a satellite tracking system to better understand turtle migratory patterns, where their habitats are located and the routes travelled between nesting and feeding habitats.

Video: David Whitehill from Channel Nine's 'Mornings with Kerri-Anne' reports on WWF work with indigenous communities and James Cook University on tagging and saving turtles on the Great Barrier Reef