WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman

Dermot O’Gorman assumed the role of WWF-Australia Chief Executive Officer in August 2010, bringing more than a decade of conservation work to the role. He first joined WWF in 1998, when he was appointed Head of Government and Aid Agency Partnerships for WWF-UK.

In 2001, he moved to Fiji as WWF’s Regional Representative in the South Pacific, where he initiated the development of the Fiji Island and Bismarck Solomon Seas Ecoregion planning approach and supported the Pacific Islands on fisheries and whale conservation.

After a number of years in the Pacific, Dermot moved to WWF International headquarters in Switzerland. As the Deputy Director of WWF’s Asia Pacific Program, he oversaw conservation efforts across the region and managed WWF’s partnership with the Asian Development Bank.

In 2005, Dermot took on the role of Country Representative of WWF-China. As head of WWF-China he helped to establish a climate adaptation and wetland protected area network for the Yangtze River Basin, protected 1.6 million hectares of panda habitat, and promoted an initiative with, encouraging sustainable investment by China in Africa and other developing countries.
WWF Australia's CEO Dermot O'Gorman  / ©: Fiora Sacco / WWF-Aus
WWF Australia's CEO Dermot O'Gorman
© Fiora Sacco / WWF-Aus