WWF-Australia Executive Team

Our Chief Executive Officer, Dermot O’Gorman, heads up the WWF-Australia executive team and oversees the day to day management of WWF. The CEO is responsible to the Board for strategic planning, and all performance and operational matters.

The Executive Team recommends strategic direction. This is detailed in the WWF Business Plan, which is approved by the Board of Directors. Executive Team members lead and manage both their functional areas and the organisation as a whole to achieve high performance at low risk.

The Board formally evaluates the CEO’s performance annually and engages in regular discussion at, and between, scheduled Board meetings. Executive team performance, values and behaviours are individually evaluated by the CEO twice each year in a formal Performance Management and Career Development (P&CD).
WWF Australia's CEO Dermot O'Gorman / ©: Fiora Sacco
© Fiora Sacco
Dermot O’Gorman – WWF-Australia CEO

Appointed as the CEO of WWF-Australia in August 2010, Dermot first joined WWF’s UK office in 1998. He has since worked with WWF in the South Pacific, at the WWF International office in Switzerland and, most recently, as the Country Representative of WWF in China. Dermot has worked with leading conservationists, governments and industry leaders to promote the role of WWF.
WWF Australia's Conservation Program Manager Dr Gilly Llewellyn / ©: Fiora Sacco
© Fiora Sacco
Ghislaine (Gilly) Llewellyn – WWF-Australia Conservation Director

Gilly has an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, a PhD in Earth Sciences from Harvard University, and more than 10 years' experience in scientific research and on- ground conservation. Gilly identifies and analyses current and future trends in conservation in Australia to ensure that WWF remains at the forefront of research, advocacy and policy.
Stewart Walters – WWF-Australia Chief Financial Officer / ©: Photo courtesy of Stewart Walters
© Photo courtesy of Stewart Walters
Stewart Walters – WWF-Australia Chief Financial Officer

Stewart is a chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience as a finance and commercial executive in the region.
He has been involved in several major projects across Asia-Pacific, working with government and private enterprise to deliver long- term sustainable outcomes. Stewart also has extensive commercial experience in partnership models, strategy development and change management.

WWF Australia's People & Organisation Development Director Kimberly Dixon / ©: Fiora Sacco
© Fiora Sacco
Kim Dixon – WWF-Australia People and Organisation Development Director

Kim is a graduate of the University of Sydney and has a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts and a Master of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. She has 20 years' experience delivering human resource and organisation development solutions in not-for-profit, public and private sector organisations.
Kim is responsible for ensuring that WWF is a desirable place to work and attracts, retains and develops talented people with the commitment and capability required to deliver WWF’s transformational goals.
Jenny O’Donnell – WWF-Australia Fundraising Director / ©: Christine Robinson / WWF-Aus
© Christine Robinson / WWF-Aus
Jenny O’Donnell – WWF-Australia Fundraising Director

Jenny has over 20 years' experience building loyal customer bases with global brands across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and leads the WWF-Australia Fundraising team in building and maintaining loyal supporters. Since joining WWF in 2007, Jenny and her team have successfully implemented innovative fundraising programs through television and online marketing, as well as reaching out to new audiences through traditional fundraising channels such as our dedicated on the ground sales teams, direct mail and telemarketing.