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Staff and volunteers hold thank you signs, Wild Onesie Week 2016: Yoga class. Hyde Park, Sydney © WWF-Aus / Christina Palmer

Staff and volunteers hold thank you signs, Wild Onesie Week 2016: Yoga class. Hyde Park, Sydney © WWF-Aus / Christina Palmer

Workplace Giving

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Supporting the important work of WWF is simple – and the investment can really pay off for you or your business.


Workplace giving, also known as payroll giving, is a low-cost yet powerful way to make regular donations to WWF-Australia from your pre-tax pay. It allows you to support causes you care about, provides us with a valuable, steady flow of income, and helps your business to establish credibility as a good corporate citizen.


Workplace giving is one of the simplest and convenient ways that you can directly support charitable organisations and the community.




Workplace giving at ANZ is a hugely popular program, and the dollar for dollar matching by ANZ provides that extra incentive for employees to get involved. The benefits of workplace giving are many – ranging from contributing to the wonderful work at WWF-Australia, to attracting and retaining highly engaged and loyal staff at ANZ.

Janet Liu, Corporate Sustainability and Community Manager

The bottom line

Research shows that young Australians want to work for ethical companies and those that have a positive impact on our world. They are motivated by a genuine desire to make a difference and to assist causes and charities that resonate on a personal level.

For employers, workplace giving can be the foundation of a fully integrated community investment or corporate social responsibility program. Such programs significantly benefit employees and boost an organisation’s capacity to attract and retain staff.

Workplace giving donations directly support WWF’s vital conservation work. They help us to protect wildlife at risk, like tigers and turtles, to safeguard their homes and to tackle some of the planet's biggest environmental threats, such as climate change.

The challenges are huge, but with your amazing support and our scientific know-how the possibility of a better future becomes more achievable every (pay)day.

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