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Wind turbines at Lambrigg wind farm, owned by Npower, near Sedburgh, Cumbria, UK. © Global Warming Images / WWF

Wind turbines at Lambrigg wind farm, United Kingdom © Global Warming Images / WWF

Climate Friendly

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Taking meaningful action on climate change can be easier than you think with the help of Climate Friendly a company that provides carbon management solutions to businesses and individuals globally.

Climate Friendly advises on how you can save energy, reduce costs and address your environmental and social impacts. It provides a means for you to walk the talk – to support energy efficiency in your own home or office and invest in renewable energy projects.

WWF’s partnership with Climate Friendly encourages individuals and businesses to minimise their carbon footprint by reducing emissions, offsetting unavoidable emissions and purchasing electricity derived from renewable energy sources.

Climate Friendly donates 5% of carbon offset and renewable energy sales made via its website to WWF. It also generously covers WWF-Australia’s travel offsets and GreenPower costs.


The bottom line

Climate Friendly provides a web service that enables the international WWF Network to calculate, report and offset its global air travel emissions. It also works with numerous individual WWF offices to provide renewable energy for events, and carbon offsets for car travel and other sources of emissions.

Climate Friendly developed GoldPower, a global renewable energy product, in association with various WWF offices in Europe. GoldPower is sourced from renewable electricity projects in developing countries that have no Kyoto target, making the resulting reductions in greenhouse gas emissions truly additional.

Switching to GreenPower, GoldPower and carbon offsetting drives investment in the renewable energy industry by funding new development in clean energy technologies.


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