Reef crest dominated by robust branching corals and coralline algae, Great Barrief Reef © WWF / James Morgan

Nick Heath

Development and External Relations Director

I grew up on the Great Barrier Reef and I'm worried about its future. My dad was a dive boat captain and as his deckie I was lucky to swim the Reef's beautiful coral gardens, hang with brooding groupers and watch majestic manta rays in awe. I never thought that one day I'd be working to protect it all. 

I qualified as a chartered accountant before advising on corporate strategy in banking, mining and construction. This experience helps me to advise ministers and other key decision-makers on how Australia can transition towards a more sustainable, just and prosperous future. 

My wife and I have been lucky to travel the world for fun but now my travel is  less exotically  to the boardrooms and corridors of political power. Here, the contest of ideas and the race to save the planet  and the Reef  from climate change and unsustainable resource use continues almost every day. 

The only people who can save Australia's environment are Australians. Everyone can do this. We can all start by telling our kids, our industries and our politicians stories about how much we love Australia's environment. 

Connecting proud Aussies to science, to solutions and to people power is what I hope WWF and its supporters can achieve in the future.

© Sian Breen / WWF-Aus

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Nick Heath profile photo © WWF-Aus / Fiora Sacco