Poll shows people want to see Carbon Price given a go

Posted on 27 May 2013   |  
"From Coal to Clean" Delta Power Station, fueled by coal, Mt. Piper, New South Wales, Australia.
© Adam Oswell / WWF
A new national survey of 1,295 Australians - commissioned by WWF and conducted by AMR Research - shows people want to see the carbon price given a fair go.

According to the survey, once people were given basic information about the carbon price, those who said it should be given a chance to work jumped from 39% to 45%, those wanting it repealed dropped from 42% to 35%, and those unsure about the carbon price remained static at 19%.

The basic information given to respondents was that the carbon price would eventually make renewable energy cheaper than traditional coal, and that over the next 5 years, $5 billion dollars raised from the carbon price would be invested in large scale renewable energy development.

Importantly, ditching the carbon price may not be a vote winner with undecided voters.

Among the one in five respondents undecided about which party they would vote for only 19% wanted the carbon price repealed.

WWF-Australia’s Climate Change National Manager Kellie Caught said, “Once Australians understand the benefits of the carbon price they are willing to give it a fair go.”

“Sadly many people are being influenced by politics and not what’s in the best interests of Australia and the future of their kids and grandkids.”

When asked why the carbon price should stay, 74% of people state it is a real incentive for big polluters to change and 62% thought Australia should be going forward and not backwards on climate change.

“Australians want action on climate change and they want to see Australia moving forward not backwards.

“Our leaders should be now be committing to stronger pollution cuts and building a competitive clean economy.

“The carbon price is our best chance of achieving this.

“The public should now look beyond the politics and consider what’s in the best interest of the health of Australia’s people, economy, and environment. We can’t afford to go backwards on this issue,” Ms Caught said.

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"From Coal to Clean" Delta Power Station, fueled by coal, Mt. Piper, New South Wales, Australia.
© Adam Oswell / WWF Enlarge


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