It’s now OK to come the raw prawn this Christmas

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Raw prawn or cooked prawn – if it’s a prawn from the Northern Prawn Fishery, its environmental credentials have been given the global blue tick for sustainability in time for the peak prawn eating season of Christmas and summer.

The Northern Prawn Fishery (NPF), Australia’s largest and most valuable prawn fishery, has been certified as sustainable against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) global environmental standard for sustainable and well managed fisheries.

From Wednesday, November 7, NPF banana, tiger and endeavour prawns will carry the blue MSC marine ecolabel.

“Prawns are one of the most highly-sought-after and widely-consumed seafood products in Australia – especially at Christmas and during summer,” said Patrick Caleo, MSC Manager Australia and New Zealand. “The NPF is now in a position to meet the growing consumer demand for sustainably sourced seafood by being one of only a handful of prawn fisheries around the world certified by the MSC, and the first fishery in the world to supply MSC certified banana and tiger prawns.”

The MSC assessment covers the 52 NPF vessels that ply the fishery’s 771,000 square kilometres of pristine tropical waters off Australia’s northern coast from Cape Londonderry in Western Australia to Cape York in Queensland.

“What a delicious Christmas bonus for us as a fishery and for Australians who care about the best environmental choice in their seafood,” says NPFI CEO Annie Jarrett. “We are producing some of the world’s finest quality wild-caught prawns and we are keen to continue to improve our environmental credentials.”

NPF has an annual catch of 749 metric tonnes of tiger prawns and 7,711 metric tonnes of banana prawns, 437 metric tonnes of endeavour prawns worth approximately $98 million (AUD), with prawns exported and sold domestically. The internationally recognised MSC certification will also be an asset in export negotiations.

“NPF Industry has been a willing partner and leader of many significant initiatives in the region to improve prawn stocks, reduce by-catch and foster research to improve the overall sustainability of the NPF. Recognition by the MSC is a crowning achievement,” said David Carter Vice Chairman NPFI “Our deep thanks goes to World Wildlife Fund (US) and Woolworths for their financial contribution to assist in this landmark MSC assessment.”

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Prawn trawler from air. Northern Prawn Fishery
Prawn trawler from air. Northern Prawn Fishery
© Northern Prawn Fishery Enlarge
Prawn catch on boat. Northern Prawn Fishery.
Prawn catch on boat. Northern Prawn Fishery.
© Northern Prawn Fishery Enlarge


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