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Support for Kyoto Protocol remains strong

Posted on 15 August 2012   |  
Storm clouds, California, United States.
Storm clouds, California, United States.
© Sylvia Earle / WWF
With the expiry date for the Kyoto Protocol looming, a new poll has found a clear majority of Australians support recommitting to the international agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

Fifty-eight per cent of Australians support signing phase two of the global climate treaty, which comes into effect at the beginning of next year, according to the survey by Auspoll for WWF-Australia.

The number of Australians in favour of signing is almost three times the number against (21 per cent).

"This polling shows that while Australians may remain divided on the issue of a carbon price, they want Australia to take action against climate change and commit to this at an international level," WWF’s Climate Change Policy Manager, Will McGoldrick said.

"With both the ALP and the Coalition committed to the same emissions reduction targets, there is a strong case for a bipartisan approach on the Kyoto Protocol.

"Significant majorities of Labor and Green voters support signing phase two of the Kyoto Protocol are obviously expecting to see a firm commitment from their parties.”

WWF is calling on all sides of politics to support Australia joining phase two of this important international treaty. The Australian Government has an opportunity to declare its support for Kyoto2 at the upcoming UN climate change talks in Bangkok, beginning August 30.

"The Bangkok meeting is an opportunity for the Australian Government to show the world that Australia is firmly committed to a rules-based global response to climate change and will not be walking away from Kyoto with the job half done," Mr McGoldrick said.

“For the Opposition, supporting Kyoto2 will send a clear message to Australian voters that they remain committed to tackling climate change and are prepared to be bound to this commitment under international law."

Additional findings from the survey are available above for download.

WWF-Australia contacts:

Daniel Rockett, Senior Media Officer, WWF-Australia, 0432 206 592
Karen Kalpage, Communications Manager, WWF-Australia, 0410 221 410


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